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AltSX is making use of Canada’s Start-up Equity Crowdfunding Exemptions. This is a specific set of rules that enables Issuers to launch campaigns on our portal and seek investments from registered investors of our portal.

As a portal, we are not allowed to market or promote your campaign. That is the same rule for all portal using this exemption. We are specifically not allowed under any circumstance to comment on the investment opportunity.

Campaign Readiness

However, we can help you plan an effective campaign and have services available to get you ready. Just contact us and we will send you a starter kit.


If you are an Issuer and feel you need help managing your campaign, we can help you find the appropriate resources. If you are a service provider and would like to help Issuers manage campaigns please make contact and we can discuss your expertise.

Investor Relations

After your campaigns are finished, we believe it is critical to maintain ongoing communication with your investors, all of whom are registered on our portal. The opportunity to regularly communicate with the investor community, both current and future investors is of paramount importance to making your next campaign efficient and effective.

We can help you device plans and help you find the resources to transform the way you manage investor relations.

We also are adding technology to our Portal to make this communication easy and compelling.

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