A Whole New Approach to Investing

Equity crowdfunding is the missing ingredient to faster growing local economies.

Recently, new rules passed by securities regulators in select Canadian provinces now make a whole new type of investing possible. It is not like anything we have had before; it allows anyone to invest in the new innovation economy.

The new Start-up Equity Crowdfunding Exemption define a very interesting new capital market. The rules allow companies seeking capital (Issuers) to raise up to $250,000 per campaign (where each campaign can be open for up to 90 days) with a maximum of two campaigns per year. Investors are limited to investing a maximum of $1,500 per campaign at a time. So at most you can invest $3,000 in a company per year.

This forms the basis for a new approach to investing in innovation. It enables investors to invest a small amount in as many companies as you wish, thus diffusing their risk, building a diversified portfolio while helping to build the local economy.

New Economy New Investor Class

This is a new market and a new investment class. We wish you fortune, we hope you have fun, learn, engage, and help the teams you invest in. We hope you get to know your own economy better and that your contribution to the success of the companies you invest in becomes something you value.

To participate you must live in a participating region of our Portal, you must have a valid local mailing address and be of legal age.

If it takes a whole village to raise a child, then it takes a crowd of wise investors to raise a growth company. Every community in the world is in a fight for relevancy in their economy. We urge you to support the innovative companies in our economy, to join the equity crowdfunding movement whether on our portal or another and to invest to give entrepreneurs a chance.

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